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Finding Clinical Trials All Over the World was created to help patients and physicians find one another in an increasingly complex health care landscape where clinical trials proliferate but may be difficult to navigate. permits patients to learn about clinical trials, search for clinical trials, clinical research, and observational studies by disease, condition or location in the United States and around the world. The site lists all existing clinical trials, regardless of whether they are open or closed, and provides information on eligibility and contact information. The site is comprehensive and includes clinical trials for drugs/medications; medical devices; medical procedures and interventions; and studies that look at lifestyle or behavioral changes, such as nutrition, diet or exercise. Patients can view clinical trials on a map and sign up for “push notification” to find out about new clinical trials.

The site partners with some of the nation’s most prestigious medical centers, research sites and medical schools. It helps institutions find participants and alerts the public to new clinical trials, research studies and clinical research. In the case of rare diseases or conditions, can help patients find one another and clinical trials. is the only clinical trial search engine that includes clinical trials around the world.

Find Clinical Trials

This Website is designed for patients as well as medical professionals. Searching for clinical trials is easy. Just make sure your internet browser is set up to use your location. Otherwise, you can enter a city, state and zip code into the location fields. You can search for trials around any city in the world.

  • The Search Bar

    The search bar allows you to look for trials by medical condition, treatment, location, medical center, or other terms.
  • Common Searches

    Clicking a "Common Search Term" returns results for that term based on your location.
  • Closed Trials

    Trials that are no longer enrolling patients are still listed on this Website; you can include them in your search.

Tips For Searching

  • Make sure you filled in location and distance preferences.
  • Although the condition you searched for may not appear in the title of a Clinical Trial, the trial may still be relevant. Click through to the Clinical Trial's profile page to find out more information.
  • If you are using the map to view trials and you zoom out past your search radius you may not see additional results. To find more results, you may need to run another search using a larger search radius or different location.
  • You can sort results in table view. Trials at nonprofit and academic medical centers appear above commercial trials.

Benefits of Creating an Account

  • Save Your Searches

    Account holders can save search terms and search results by using the "Save Search" button on top of the table view of results. Account holders can find saved searches on their profile pages.
  • Get Customized Email Updates And Notices

    You can receive automatic email notifications if you have an account. You may use any email, even ones not used to create your account. We will do our best to notify you anytime a trial meeting your "Saved Search" criteria is added to our database.


  • How does work? uses publicly available information from and other information received from academic medical centers. We have used geographical information to help users of our Website find trials based on location.
  • I found a trial I am interested in--now what?

    If there is a trial in which you are interested, feel free to contact the trial's coordinator. In many cases an email address is provided. Occasionally no contact information is provided. In such a situation you will need to review the clinical trial's official Website for more information. We have provided a Permalink URL on our Website so you can share the trial with your doctor.
  • Why is a trial listed more than once?

    Clinical Trials may be conducted at more than one location and we show each location in our search results.
  • Why does a particular location not make sense?

    Sometimes clinical trial locations are not provided or are incomplete. Other times, trial locations are referred to as a numbered investigational site. We use our best effort to identify real world locations.
  • Who do I contact about

    Email for all questions and comments. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.